Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Download 2023 – Garhwali Movie

Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Download 2023
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Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Download – मेरु गांव एक गढ़वाली फिल्म है। फिल्म का निर्देशन अनुज जोशी ने किया है और इसमें राकेश गौर, गीता उनियाल, रमेश रावत और सुमन गौर ने मुख्य किरदार निभाया है। यह मूवी गढ़वाली भाषा में बनी है.

गढ़वाली फिल्म इंडस्ट्री अभी एक छोटी सी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री है। इसलिए इस इंडस्ट्री को लोगो के सहयोग की आवश्यकता है। इस फिल्म की बात करे तो यह फिल्म बहुत ही शानदार फिल्म है जिसमे गढ़वाल के पलायन के दर्द को दिखाया गया है।  आप सभी को यह फिल्म जरूर देखनी चाहिए। इस फिल्म को आप थिएटर में जाके देखे।

Meru Gaon is a Garhwali film. The film is directed by Anuj Joshi and stars Rakesh Gaur, Geeta Uniyal, Ramesh Rawat and Suman Gaur in lead roles, This movie is made in the Garhwali language.

Garhwali film industry is still a small film industry. That’s why this industry needs people’s cooperation. Talking about this film, this film is a wonderful film in which the pain of migration of Garhwal has been shown. You all must watch this film. You go and see this film in the theatre.

Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Cast

  • Rakesh Gaur,
  • Geeta Uniyal,
  • Madan Duklan,
  • Ramesh Rawat,
  • Suman Gaur,
  • Nisha Bhandari,
  • Gambhir Jayada,
  • Ajay Bisht

Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Crew Member

Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Download

Meru Gaon Movie Release Date

The release date of the Meru Gaon movie is 2 December 2023.

Meru Gaon Movie Director Name

Anuj Joshi directs the Meru Gaon movie.

Meru Gaon Movie Written By

Meru Gaon movie is written by Anuj Joshi.

Meru Gaon Movie Watch on the OTT Platform

Nowadays, everybody wants to watch films and web series for free and for that they continue to search online on piracy websites. Meru Gaon Garhwali Film Download is searched really quickly on Google. But before watching a movie from a piracy website, it is very important to keep these things in mind whether this website is safe or not, then the direct answer is no, this website is not safe at all.

आजकल हर कोई मुफ्त में फिल्में और वेब सीरीज देखना चाहता है और इसके लिए वह पायरेसी वेबसाइटों पर ऑनलाइन खोज करता रहता है। मेरु गांव गढ़वाली फिल्म डाउनलोड गूगल पर काफी तेजी से सर्च की जाती है। लेकिन पायरेसी वेबसाइट से मूवी देखने से पहले इन बातों का ध्यान रखना बहुत जरूरी है कि यह वेबसाइट सुरक्षित है या नहीं तो इसका सीधा जवाब है नहीं यह वेबसाइट बिल्कुल भी सुरक्षित नहीं है।

And watching and downloading films from them also comes within the crime category because this website secretly puts films and videos on its website without copyright.

So it is very important for all of you to be aware that there is also a risk of bugs, and viruses coming from these websites to things like your mobile, laptop, or computer.

Meru Gaon Movie Download and Watch Online on the OTT Platform

If you want to watch New Movies, then you can watch them by subscribing to Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sony LIV, to enjoy these movies. Meru Gaon Garhwali movie is a Garhwali language film.

If you want to download and watch this movie on the OTT platform then you have to wait sometime because currently, this movie is not available on the OTT platform. It will be released on the OTT platform soon.

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But all these sites are illegal, be aware of these types of sites.


Pirating any movie and downloading a pirated movie is a crime by law. And our website does not endorse these sites in any way. Because it takes the hard work of many people, so if you want to watch a movie, then you should book your nearest movie theatre to watch the movie. Or you should watch the movie by subscribing to a premium of an approved app.

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